17 Apr

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of every person at his or her capacity. It is necessary for you as a person to make sure that you will learn about the different ways which you can contribute to having the best eco-system around your place. As you think of the environment, it will be necessary for you to go for the approach which will see you taking care of the wildlife as well. There are certain endangered species of animals which you will find such as the elephants and the rhinos among many others. The main reason for this is that they give products which are valuable such as the ban ivory. In the bid to save such endangered species through poaching, you will come to see that there are specific organizations which have been established to offer a remedy.

There are many advantages which arise from these initiatives which help in putting bans on ivory through poaching of the elephants. Through this article, I will provide you with a clear elaboration on benefits which emanates from such organizations working to ban ivory. To start with, these agencies help in the preservation of wildlife which matters a lot in any country. You should know that the tourism industry depends on the wildlife a lot and hence this means that as a nation, the benefits are great. The elephants tend to be attractive species and hence the tourists will move from their nations to visit the countries with such wildlife. This earns a country a lot of foreign exchange.

Secondly, the preservation of the endangered species will be crucial in the sense that there will no reduction in their number. The gradual reduction of the population of the elephants with time through poaching will not be a desirable thing. The gradual reduction of the elephant population is not appealing due to the fact that it might lead to the extinction of the species. It takes many years for an elephant to mature and it only takes one person or a group of people to bring one down through poaching. The initiative, therefore, helps in curbing this.

Lastly, the organizations on the other hand help in sensitizing the essence of us making joint efforts in protecting the elephants. These agencies will at times hold camps and make campaigns which gives the emphasis to the people on the dangers which arise from the gradual poaching practices. This helps in minimizing the chances of the elephants being endangered.

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