17 Apr

Poaching is a big problem in many parts of the world, and the results of this are the loss of elephants. Some countries have set penalties that are tough on poachers, and this has reduced their activities which is beneficial for the wildlife of a country. Some of the ivory that is collected by the poachers is usually used to make ornaments and carvings. Organizations that work to save elephants create awareness on the effects of poaching so that laws can be put in place to stop the vice completely. They also try to influence key decision-makers on protecting elephants.

A benefit of creating awareness about the loss of elephants due to ivory trade is that people will stop purchasing ivory which will lead to lower demand. If there is no demand for ivory, the poachers will not have any business, and this can shut down their business which can save the lives of elephants. Through public awareness on the effect of purchasing carvings and ornaments that are made of ivory, people are becoming conscious about the loss of elephants and are changing their purchasing habits.

Organizations which focus on saving elephants also hold events which help to raise funds for this cause when they want to create awareness. The organizations strive to shut down ivory markets around the world since this will save the lives of elephants. When many people start to support the organizations which look after elephants, there will be a greater achievement in preserving the elephants. If you wish for some professional assistance, look for David Keith Wills Maryland now!

In some countries, the use of ivory has been banned, and this has been through the efforts of organizations which convince their leaders about the destruction that the use of ivory causes on elephants. If other countries can be able to follow this kind of action, then elephants will be safe, and they will not become extinct. 

Organizations also encourage countries to destroy ivory stockpiles to send a message to those who engage in the illegal ivory trade. This will deter people who engage in illegal ivory trade from trying to get more ivory since they will not be able to sell it and if they are caught with it, they will be charged for their activities. 

Organizations which work to Save the elephants do marketing activities on different platforms. This enables them to reach large groups of people from different ages to encourage them to take action to stop the ivory trade. They also meet with other people from other parts of the world who are also concerned about the ivory trade and would like to see it banned. They may partner with some organizations if they have similar goals to protect elephants.

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